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Hi - I’m Mia, a travel addicted singer/songwriter.

When traveling, I don’t plan much, take as little luggage as possible with me and mingle with the locals. I regularly throw myself out of the comfort zone. Because that’s exactly where the stories happen, that we'll tell later. Such as when I once ended up in a poker game in Nicaragua as the only woman at the table… with a cigar in my mouth. Or in Santa Cruz, when I suddenly sat in the hot tub of a drug lord … with a drink in my hand. I'm not particularly brave, but my inner chicken has always been defeated by my curiosity. To make a pilgrimage through foreign countries also means to make an inner journey. You go through emotional landscapes, reach your own limits and broaden your horizon. I always bring my little guitar along when I travel. Music is a good heart opener. It’s a language spoken by everyone in the world. When I play music with the locals by the fire, we overcome all social and cultural hurdles. When traveling you will also be permanently smooched by the muse. So at the end of my mission, I will have written 18 new songs. Be a part of it from the very beginning by following me!

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