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Something new, every day

Aktualisiert: 11. Dez. 2019

Sunrise over Anapurna

It‘s hard to say what is the best thing about traveling. However, one of the best is definitely that every day something unexpected happens. The flow of new impressions and experiences never stops, even if on some days it‘s just little things or moments.

Yesterday I saw my first wild watersnake, swimming across the surface of Phewa Lake in Pokhara / Nepal.

The day before a gloriously hilarious moment was, when our local jeep driver stopped on a gravel road deep in the mountains next to an ambulance with its sirens on. I had already watched the poor patient crawl up to the seat next to the driver from his cot in the back of the ambulance car, probably because the road was so bumpy he couldn‘t lie still. His face seemed to be slightly yellow and he held the side of his belly - I guess it was his appendix. What happened next was that the driver stepped out of the ambulance and jumped into the back of our car. Another guy, who to my mind had randomly passed by on foot, with obviously only one eye working, squinting heavily on the other one and carrying a live chicken under his arm took place behind the ambulance‘s steering wheel and with a big and friendly smile towards me off he went. The sheer absurdity of the scene couldn’t be clarified as none of the Nepalese around us spoke any English. For the next ten minutes or so I had to laugh so hard I cried. I just hope the guy is fine. As well as the chicken.

Well, the day before that we took a bath in a super cold and clear mountain river.

And the day before that I saw my first eight-thousanders, the stunning beauty of Annapurna and Dhalaugiri at sunrise.

So from the biggest things to the smallest moments every day has something new that touches me, amazes me or makes me wonder. Probably that‘s a good way to look at life in general. I‘ll try to keep it up, although I know it‘s harder to do so at home.

Mount Nilgiri, Himalaya, Nepal

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